About Us

"My mission is to deliver stunning, custom-looking, long-lasting cabinets at a fair price.” 

Jess Lobdill | Shop Manager

  • Who We Are

    Our company, getmecabinets.com, was born in 2021 by Jess
    Lobdill and his business partner, Kevin Ambrose.  Along with our sister company, Wood Works Tampa Bay, we are part of the Ambrose Design Group. Get Me Cabinets is a team of design, manufacturing, and installation professionals with 97+ years of industry experience. 


    We build shaker-style cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms in our state-of-the-art shop in Clearwater, Florida.  Along with cabinets, we create all the embellishments and floating shelves needed to finish a project in style.  Our solid wood cabinets and related products are durable and beautiful. 


    Best of all, with proper care and maintenance, you will be proud of them for decades.  

  • Our company has three goals:

    1. Produce high-quality cabinets, embellishments, and floating shelves that are as good as anything produced by another luxury cabinet makers.


    2. Charge lower prices than other luxury cabinet makers.


    3. Offer fast delivery, often within days of getting materials in the shop.

Jess Lobdill in the Get Me Cabinets workshop.

Jess Lobdill

Jess runs the shop at getmecabinets.com and is responsible for all aspects of the business.  He's been making cabinets, furniture, and home accessories made from wood most of his life.  A Colorado native, his family moved to Florida when he was a child, and has been living in the Tampa Bay area since 2014. 

After working as a furniture maker for a local home furnishing store, he met Kevin Ambrose.  When Kevin saw Jess’s work ethic, attention to detail, and finished products, the two sat down, and it wasn’t long before getmecabinets.com was born.

“For years, I've made and fixed cabinets and was often stunned by the poor quality people got despite paying top dollar.  I was shocked by some of the shoddy materials and methods used.  I knew we could start a company and offer more for less.  So, using my experience and dedication to quality and durability, I launched getmecabinets.com.”

Jess Lobdill--Shop Manager

  • Core Value

    Giving back to our community is a core value of getmecabinets.com.  We proudly donate our time and products to these non-profit organizations that our community.